Volume I is available
at Authorhouse.
Volumes II and III are available at iuniverse. All three are available online and bookstores.

My Favorite Quotes Collection is a series of books with over 100 “real-life” quotes in each series. The quotes compiled, represent a broad spectrum of ideas from my own life’s experiences as well as from those who may or may not be well known. They address life’s everyday experiences and inspire the reader to view their life from different perspectives.

Some of the quotes are from an intellectual point of view; an inspirational moment and even address the humorous side of the reader. These are books that reach into the inner most part of your being and can still make you smile on the outside.

Each book is designed with one quote at the top of each page so the reader can
write their thoughts or comments about each quote to create a personal journal.

I hope you find these publications helpful, inspirational and motivational. Most importantly, I hope you find my compilation of quotations relative to you, your thoughts, dreams, relationships and all of the mundane and routine aspects of life that we sometimes regard as unimportant. In reality they are important in that they are the fabric that constitute our lives. 

Derrick Richardson